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How to get money out?


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So I am 1 day old in the vending world. I bought a Lektrovend vs99 snack machine in pretty great condition. I've tested all the rows and they work. Coins and bills working great. Now the dumb question.

How do i get the coins out? How do i get the cash out? I searched the forum and read both the install, service manuals for the vs99 and the mars trc 6010 and it doesnt mention it.

I see i can unscrew the housing and get it but i figured there is a quick release and wanted to ask before breaking it.

Thanks in advance.


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Feeding it full of change today I think I realize just how easy this is. You fill the change machine up so it accepts the coins and can provide change and any excess goes in the overfill bin. You just empty the dollars and overfill when restocking leaving the change in the coin mech. Wow. Super easy. Btw someone put a bolt in the bill acceptor release pin (maybe for shipping?). Removed it and it opens just great with the quick release tab now.

I can mark this solved. :)

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