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Welcome one, welcome all! 

Kick-Start Vending now offers locations and machines and location packages!


For individual locations found by phone we charge $45.  We offer a 30 day replacement guarantee.  This means if the owner kicks you out before 30 days is up we will replace the machine.  However, we do not offer any guarantee on the money that a machine will make.  We advise that any locator who offers a tremendous replacement guarantee will generally not come through on the service. 

OUR IDEA is to charge you less per location and not provide you with some extended 2 year warranty that we are never going to honor. 

We suggest trying new candies if a particular location isn't doing well. 

One thing we feel the need to mention about telephone locations.  They are in general difficult to secure.  Often times it takes many phone calls to secure a single location.  So we do ask that you accept all locations that we send your way unless you feel physically harmed by dropping the machine off.  Again, many locations that you think will be duds turn out to be the best locations on your route! 

We also offer in person locating for 30 locations or more.  For 30 locations it is $60 per location and for 60 locations it is $50 per location.  Why do we charge this much?  Well for one thing we offer half price replacements via the telephone for the first 3 months.  That means you will be paying either $30 or $25 respectively for replacement locations.  Not a bad deal. 

We offer a replacement guarantee on in person locating because we feel our locators do a tremendous job of securing the best locations for you and we want to make sure you are happy with the locations you are getting.

ALSO, with in person locating you can pick the type of locations you would like the locator to secure for you.  If you want auto shops up and down a particular avenue just let us know!  We will do it for you.  We are here to serve you.  The customer is always right!

Http://www.kickstartvending.com  - Come check us out today!  Thanks for all your time.  And good luck with vending!

P.S.  We now offer Snack Boxes!  We have great deals and discounts on packages.  Check them out!


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