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DN 276E Prices Reset After Losing Power


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Hey all, I have a Dixie narco 276E, and whenever the machine is unplugged, and then pluged back in, all of the prices appear to reset. Other settings may reset as well. Bought the machine used, so don’t have a bunch of info about its history, other than that it looks clean and appears to otherwise work. Is there a bios battery on those boards to replace? Hopefully this is not a symptom of a bad motherboard? Thanks for any thoughts, or ideas from anyone with experience with these.

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You were correct that if you remove the metal plate that covers the motherboard, there is a removable battery (similar to a watch battery) mounted to the board, much like the BIOS battery that can be found on many desktop PCsd. The battery on my 276E was a CR2032, 3V. I was able to find a replacement at a nearby drugstore. I installed the battery (positive side up, as the markings on the mounting point indicated) and the machine appears to now be retaining price info and other configuration info after having been unplugged. Problem solved, appreciate the input.

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