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Vendex Candy Dispenser


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1 hour ago, Debbie77 said:

I have a Vendmax candy machine and I would like to change the 20c coin mech to $1 and get the new flap for it.

Could someone be able to assist with where I can get these things. Thanks

I am going to assume that you are talking about this machine with a 20c mech:

Image 1 - 10 Brand New Sealed VendMax Deluxe Candy Vending Machines - M&M, Skittles, Mints

If so, the manufacturer is long gone, so the only way to find parts is to search eBay and similar resale sites. I have never seen one of these with a $1.00 coin mech and honestly I don't think they exist. The mech looks like a common Chinese import:


I don't believe these types of mechs come in anything larger than 50c so not much help there. Even if you can find an import mech that vends $1.00 it may not fit the body of the machine. You will need to get precise measurements of the exterior and interior front plates on the coin mech you want to buy and make sure they match the one you have. If you absolutely need a machine that is a US $1.00 vend I would recommend Beaver bulk vending machines. They are high quality and are probably the only candy vendor out there that you can easily get with a $1.00 coin mech these days.

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