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Nayax - (Latest New Feature) - Multi-Vend With Incremental Authorization (Customer no longer see the highest amount as the preauthorization amount and all under EMV)

Harry K

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Nayax latest new feature: - Multi-Vend With Incremental Authorization

"Nayax is the first cashless solutions provider to offer incremental authorization for EMV-compliant multi-vend transactions for food and beverage vending operators in the U.S. Incremental authorization allows multiple product selections at a machine with a single transaction, but unlike traditional multi-vend, the initial pre-authorized amount is only for the lowest priced item in the machine vs. what is typically the highest total transaction amount, and the transaction compliantly settles for the final amount. This will generate greater revenue potential for Nayax customers by making it easier for consumers to quickly purchase more with each transaction. Working closely with card brands and processing partners, Nayax addresses the need for operators to accept EMV-compliant, multi-vend transactions without large pre-authorization holds."

Read more below:

https://www.nayax.com/resource/nayax-announces-incremental-authorization-of-emv-compliant-multi-vend-transactions-for-u-s-vending-operators/?utm_campaign=2022 - Announcements&utm_content=196502423&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin&hss_channel=lcp-2214630

Questions anytime:

Harry Kozlovsky
Senior Director of Solution Sales, Nayax

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