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Nayax Announces EasiFit and Will Display it at NAMA

Harry K

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Do you want the VPOS Touch with all the Nayax exclusive technology and features but needed it to address:

1. limited space on your machines?
2. did not want to drill holes?
3. easy ADA Compliance on certain machine models? 

Nayax announces EasiFit which we will be showing at NAMA at Booth # 1410. 

Questions? Anytime. 


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Hi Harry, had these down here in Australia for past 2 years - Called "Fushion" bezels.

Compatible with PTI Apex note acceptors & ICT V6 (with a minor mounting hole mods)

What note acceptors are the EasiFit compatible in US?

Nayax VPOST Fushion - Vimeo video 


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