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Vendo 511 sold out in few columns, 16.9 oz bottles 2 deep


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A couple of the rows are showing sold out even when they are filled with product, they test vend but when trying to purchase one it says sold out. I've seen on other threads that I should adjust the back spacers, which I'll do, but if there is anything else I'd like to hear. Also, 16.9 oz sprite bottles, farthest back spacer, 2 deep, no gauge clips has it where 1 falls out, the next vend it clicks and nothing, then the third vend 1 falls out and repeats.

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Bring in the rear spacer closer to the product.   Where is your Cam setting set to?   Set the Cam to 2.  In an earlier post you said they were hard to change.  You can put a screwdriver between the cam and try turning an angle and that will give it some separation to move the cam around. 

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