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New Owner!


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Hello Everyone!

I am a new owner of a Vending Machine! When I was a little fat kid I always dreamed of owning my own Pepsi Machine. Now that I'm a big fat man haha with my own income and property I decided one night it was time to achieve that dream. I looked on Facebook market place and low and behold I  found a vending machine just like the one near my house when I was a kid! For only 225$ so I pulled the trigger and my back loading it into my truck the next day and took it home. Today she is on my porch humming away cooling herself down. I placed some Ice Tea in the Brisk slot but Ill be honest I got no idea what I'm doing haha. I'm hoping to learn from you all and get her fully working for me and my friends to enjoy. She is Dixie Narco Model 440mc/252-8 and shes all mine :)



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