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A few issues with a couple of machines.


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First, a Rainbow crane where the claw jumps when it's home, clicking into place over and over.  

Second, a mars bill acceptor that randomly triggers and also doesn't pull in bills well, seems it's skidding the dollar but not grabbing it.  

Third- I'm looking for a front face (prize door/money door) for a 32" smart industries 7th gen; and a 26" gantry rod.

If theres any credible sources for these parts (the smart ind. site doesn't let me see a parts list?) Please let me know. 


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1 hour ago, RoadDogAmusements said:

rainbow crane: check harness and limit switches

mars acceptor you can try taking it apart and cleaning it. replace the belts. etc. but it might just be dead.

prize door... just make one out of a trashed cabinet. Or email/call smart and ask for the parts.

The harness, are you referring to the coil?

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On 9/7/2022 at 3:48 PM, BunnysBeasts said:

The harness, are you referring to the coil?

no the wiring that is attached to the head/gantry. The wiring that moves back and forth over and over 1000s of times and develops small breaks internally. If it keeps going home and never gets there it's because the limit switch isn't getting triggered. Either the limit switch itself or the wiring to it is having an issue.

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