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Questions About Routing Claw Crane Machines


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Hello All,

I am looking to buy some claw crane machines and put them in various locations to collect the profits. I would like to know more about your experiences doing so. How would I get started? Is this something that can be done as a full time operation, or a side thing at best? How much money can I make per year, and what is the annual ROI per machine? How many machines would you recommend owning? How much time do you spend working on the business and working on the machines, and what are your day-to-day tasks? What is the profit split between you and the owner of the retail location where the machine is placed? Which machines do you best recommend? Is it also better to buy machines new or used, and where do you buy your machines from? Also, I know nothing about repairs. Is it easy to find technicians to hire to help repair machines? How often do machines get to the point where they are in need of repair? Also, what is the cheapest way to buy the stuffed animals for the machines? Thank you!

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No offense, but this is the same series of questions that every noobie has. Read through the forum and previous posts some.

In my experience things are so different at every location that no one can tell you how to run your business. A system that works for them won't necessarily work for you and your locations and your economic situation. All claws are not the same. I can't tell you ROI numbers on a $400 crane and then expect you to go buy a $3000 crane. Everything needs to be based on the location and clientele at that shop.

It will be very difficult for you to transition from someone who knows nothing to someone who's making a living on it, but it's possible. My business is 2 years old and I'm barely there.

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