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Crane 637 - Brewer Jam


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I have a Crane 637 bean to cup coffee machine that was working well, but had to be shut down for about 4 weeks.  The machine had to be shut down because the tank was registering 212 degrees, making that thing sweat inside.  The tank got so hot that it caused a rubber ring to leak down the back, with water entering the electrical connection directly behind the canisters. I think a bit of water was getting in there causing occasional shorts.  I replaced the triac, which took care of the heating problem, and replaced the rubber ring to stop the leak.  I'm not sure of what the electrical connection behind the canisters is for, but I feel maybe the brewer jam could be related to this situation.  When fired back up, I got a Brewer Jam showing up on the display.  I removed the brewer, and it seems like everything is good. I ran a brewer test without the brewer, and saw that the drive connection to the brewer was not turning.  Any ideas?  I'd hate to take that back panel off, and possibly make things worse. 


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