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Nayax Dex problems

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I cannot get dex with the nayax devices I have on my  machines. The dex cords are plugged in and the machines are updated. When I dex the device at the machine, it says on Nayax devices that everything was sent successfully. When I get on Nayax core, it's telling me that the dex failed. Does anyone know if I am suppose to have these Nayax devices set up a certain way on the Nayax core?? There are too many options to turn on for each device and I dont have a clue what 80% of them even mean. 

I even have each device on a dex schedule and all of those dex are coming up as a fail. But the devices comes up on Nayax core as Active and it works fine. I just cant get a dex. My Cantaloupe devices doesnt have this problem.

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I don’t use dex (yet), but I believe it has to be set up by nayax if you haven’t done so already, maybe reach out to them? The features show up on my online but like you say won’t work because I’m not set up for it.

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