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Nayax Vpos into a AP121 vending machine

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Hi all, I'm in Qld Australia and I'm trying to get a Nayax Vpos working on an AP121 Vending machine that we use to vend Carwash cleaning products.

I've installed it via MDB and the AP121 seems to recognise the default $7amount I've programmed into Nayax. I know it recognises it because it adds $7 credit to the LCD display. The problem occurs on selecting a product. EG: the product is $7. The credit is $7( no fee). On selecting the product via the keypad, nothing happens....except the NAYAX will occasionally voice..."Thank YOU".. which normally only happens on a successful vend....But no product is dispersed and Nayax doesn't charge the credit card used. Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

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