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Egg chicken machine bulk vending machine


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2 hours ago, Guyvender said:

 Can anyone tell me about these machines and what they are worth. 




Old machines from the 80s or 90s? They have manual coin mechanisms so they shouldn't need electricity to vend but if you wanted them to play sound (if it even works) it needs to be plugged in.  Personally, I would never waste my time with these for commercial purposes but that's me. I would take a regular 2" or even 1' capsule machine over these machines without thinking twice. That said, a lot of people have had success with these or with different iterations of them in the right locations over the years. Search All American Chicken on this site and it will bring up numerous threads about later versions of these machines.  As far as what they are's really hard to say. Do they vend properly? Does the sound work? How rough are the cabinets and the plexiglass? If they are all working as designed then $50.00 to $150.00 each? It really matters on what you want them for and how bad you want them. 

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