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Unfortunately, your choices are limited with bulk. You can go with either sugar free gum, nuts or trail mix. Thats about all I can think of. Anyone else have any ideas?


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You either have regular, or sugar-free candy to chose from.  There doesn't seem to be any in-between.  The problem with sugar-free candy is that it is expensive, and therefore you have a much smaller profit margin.

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1) It's from u-turn.  They sell 4 and 8 selection machines.  If there wasn't a large selection of product to place in the machines, nobody would buy their machines.

2) Vending nuts is a high-cost, low-profit enterprise.  You can't give enough per 25c vend to make the public happy while still making a profit, and you will have to contend with product spoilage and moths.

3) Chocolate and yogurt coated candy will gum up your machines, especially in hot environments.  If you can't vend the product, when good is it?

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I only do healthy snacks if the location insists on it. The only healty item I will vend are pistachios and I will only place them IF I can put a higher profit on the 2nd head, like gum or caps.

Pistachios have HUGE drawbacks but are better than other items.

1) You MUST freeze them before placing it. This will kill the bugs in the nuts

2) Salt... It destroies metal of almost any type. Lubercated metal twice as fast.

3) Spoilage... They will go bad much faster than other products.

4) They break into little pieces and get into every hole in the machine.

5) Moths. Part of the reason for # 1

Advantages to Pistashios

1) Ants don't like them

2) They don't sweet like other nuts

3) Less oil than other nuts. Less mess to clean in your globe.

4) Addictive... I don't know what it is but some people have a very bad addiction to them. It seems to take about 4-6 nuts to reel in an addict.

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