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Hello from Blue Moose Vending Management


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Just wanting to say Hello.  Just found this forum, looks like everyone is trying to figure out how to earn a living in this industry.  I have been in it for 27 years.  Its been fun and rewarding.  Hope everyone has a good year in spite of the down turn.  All of you full line vending companies, this is a good time to grab some new accounts.  Lots of movement because of down sizing, vendors that over equipped accounts are pulling out and companies are closing those lunchroom cafes to put in vending (because the equipment works 24/7 with no holidays or overtime).

Also a great time to start using the Balance for Life program with NAMA.  They have some excellent free marking materials available to you.  Just print out their product listing.  That will help if you are preparing those school proposals.  Just having the information will give everyone a great impression of your business savoy.

Anyway just saying Hi to everyone.


Blue Moose



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So, from your website it looks like you guys locate full line machines. Look through the threads there have been some recient posts from people looking for full line locators

Welcome to the forum!

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