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Well I'm just a few days from owning my first 3 new machines. I'm going Friday to buy 1 triple head and 2 D-Ice machines from Super-Pro. Super-Pro is only 10 mi. south of where I work and where my biggest area will be ( no shipping : ) ). I went to set up a deal with a local charity to use called Camp Barnabus. If anybody watches Extreme Makeover Home Edition this place may sound familiar. Anyways the deal was made and he is going to have some stickers made for MY machines. During our meeting he said " I have 5 or 6 of those machines someone gave me we just don't have time to mess with them. They have 2 heads on them I'll bring them in and you can have them." HOLY COW!!!!!!!  I was worried he wouldn't want to mess with me and turn me down boy was I wrong. He wasn't sure if they worked or not but said the guy that gave them said they did.

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