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Tried A1 Locators as Stan was very convincing. They did, however place the 20 machines I requested to be placed with in-person locating. Contract stated that they would replace 20% of the locations one time for me in a 2 year period. That is 4 locations. I requested 4 locations be replaced for various reasons and he has not replied to numerous emails or voicemails. I did finally turn in a complaint with the BBB to see if they can do anything as A1 Locators is rated with the BBB. We'll see what happens. Be cautious if you are considering using them.

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You might want to try the old certified mail trick.;)

Had similiar experience with Advance Placement Services .  They kept telling me on the phone they had to have something in writing.  For some unknown reason however my emails to them "never got through" when I called with more followups.  Sent them a certified mail letter with signature required----no way to deny that!!!  Within days I had new locations.(Might also give you extra leverage with the BBB complaint)

Ginger Vend

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