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Here's my October report. Next month I'll have YTD monthly averages.


Location Earnings Report 

10/1/2007 to 10/31/2007 


 Location                        Total    Avg/Month*  

 Ace Realty                                         $2.00     

 Nextel                                                 $5.00     

 Clearwire                                           $5.50     

 Discount Furniture                           $6.50     

 Leaf & Bean                                       $7.00     

 Nextel Nampa                                   $7.75     

 Paint & Spray Supply                       $8.25     

 Signature Salon                               $9.25     

 Big O Tire                                          $10.00    

 Legacy Financial Advisors             $10.50    

 Primerica                                           $11.50    

 JZ Auto Sales                                    $12.00    

 Jumper Cables Embroidery          $12.75    

 Star Cleaners                                   $13.25    

 Combs Car Corral                           $13.25    

 Goodwill Working Solutions          $13.50    

 West Coast Beauty Supply             $15.25    

 Suicycle                                              $17.00    

 Scraps n' Scissors                           $19.75    

 El Sinai Bakery                                  $20.00    

 Northern Exposure Hair Design    $23.50    

 Valhalla's Gate Tattoo                      $25.75    

 Mami's European Baby                   $33.25    

 Treasurewood Furniture Meridian $35.00    



Total Income from 10/1/2007 to 10/31/2007:    $337.50

Average/Location from 10/1/2007 to 10/31/2007:    $23.73

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I run mostly U-Turns (4s and 8s) because I got a great deal on lots of them at once. I am, however, interested in replacing them with 2 and 3 place machines. I don't think the capacity of the uturns is necessary and can be quite wasteful. Unfortunately I didn't know about this forum before I started, but again I use the U-turns because I got a great deal on lots of em. Soon starting to sell off the uturns and replace them with better machines. Any and all help on machines that work best for the majority out there would appreciated. I am thinking Northwesterns or Oaks but am also intersted in 1 800 machines and V-Line machines. What'dya think? Also, I have to put together candy types and volumes. I should have all the info for that the next month. Slowly but surely learning what, where, how and why with this stuff.


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  I have noticed with my sale and yours and others Salon do very well !  Also I have a Tattoo place Flesh Factory  (LOL)  that does well too why do you think this is ?  I am thinking about doing some relocating of my machines maybe putting more in Tattoo joints !

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To be honest I didn't think salons would do good but so far I'm wrong. Who'da thunk it. As far as Tattoo parlors are concerned I'm not sure why. I have heard, and maybe a tattoo specialist out there can tell me, that when having tattoos done it's good to have sugar before doing the procedure. Don't know if that's true or not but sounds good to me, as long as it works.


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We're gonna have to ask vendtrak (Jeremy) how he calculates it. I'll PM him with this thread.



There is another column that didn't show up on the original post above.  You'll see the headings are (1) Location, (2) Total, and (3) Avg/Month*.  It doesn't copy and paste well into the post, so they are a little out of alignment. 

The second column just gives you the raw total of all services during the period.  The third column (which didn't show up Avg/Month) gives you a calculated value - the average earning per month for the period selected.  The summary of this column is what is used to calculate the "average per month" summary at the bottom.  That's why it looks out of wack on the example above.

I hope this helps you all!

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Doesn't help me, maybe I'm dense but I still don't know how you came up with $ 17.19 when his actual average was $ 10.25

I reviewed the first message in this post and his average that month was $ 14.06 per location.

The math is straightforward :  total revenue divided by # of locations = avg. revenue

If Don's location average was $ 17.19 for november then multiply that by the # of locations and you get his income for the month.  $ 17.19 x 24 = $412.56  Don was your income for november $ 412.56?

Jeremy, if that is calculated/estimated data then the user should know so they don't think they are using hard data.  Tom

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The numbers in the first post are missing a column.  The missing column contains the Avg/Month.  The Avg/Month is just the daily average times 30. 

For instance, say Location 1 was serviced on October 31st for $20 and on November 15th for $15.  The average per day from November 1 to November 15 is $1.00/day ($15 collected on the 15 days from 1-15 November).  So the monthly average is $30 (30 days x $1.00/day).  Note: the $20 service on 31 October isn't used; it just provides us a starting point for the calculation.  Using the same method, we get the [sample] data below:

Data from 1-15 November:

Location               Total                Avg/Month

Location 1            $15.00            $30.00

Location 2            $13.50            $25.00

Location 3            $20.00            $20.00

Total Income from 1-15 November: 48.50   <=== Sum of the "Total" column

Average/Month: $25.00   <=== Average of the "Avg/Month" column

So, the "Total" column is a sum of the collections between the two dates.  The "Avg/Month" column is the daily average (during that period) of the location x 30 days.  The totals at the bottom are the the sum of the first column and the average of the second column.

I understand your point on your straight forward calculation (total amount divided by total number of locations).  Actually, this is how the calculation was first built.  Then we found the problem...this only gives you a true "monthly average" if the start date and end date are the start and end of the same month.  Anything else will skew the results.  This is why we went with the "average of the averages" approach.

Clear?  Or clear as mud?  :)

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Okay Jeremy, I understand your methodology now, but I'm still having problems replicating your results. I'm gussing that Don did not service his route all on one day ( oct. 31) and then service it all again on nov. 26, so Vend-trak is taking different service dates into its calculations. Because if he did service everything on oct.31 and nov. 26, I still come up with different numbers.  Tom

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I just saw his PDF report in the middle of this thread.  This is a great example.  The average at the bottom ($17.19) is an average of all of the numbers in the right-most column (Avg/Month).  The middle column (Total) isn't factored into the calculation for the average.

Basically, Vend-Trak takes the most recent services during that period and uses those to calculate the monthly average.  The average at the bottom of the report is an average of the results of this column.

Thanks for the in-depth questioning - it helps everyone to understand it better!

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I have had to read this a few times to understand the points.  I am so bad with this stuff.  I am determined to have this Vendtrak software work for me in ways that I understand and utilize.  Its still very early for me yet.

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No problem, T Bird.  Just FYI...I get a lot of questions on what Vend-Trak will/can do and how to use it best.  I've started posting some "hints and tips" in the "Special Buys / Vend-Trak" forum, just so they are all in one place.  I'll try to keep adding stuff weekly (or every so often as time permits!)  It's also a place that users can post their suggestions as well.

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Hey Don,

Those are some very impressive numbers you have posted for November. It sounds like you have your mix of products under control with numbers like those.

I to have to try a few tattoo places. I stopped by a few on my route and they all had machines already. I will continue to check them out right after the holidays.

Thanks for your revenue report. It really helps to see what others are doing and what type of accounts they are successful in.


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Yeah, not too bad but I do have a few places I need to relocate. I'll try after the holidays too. I actually have 2 tattoos now but haven't serviced the other yet. i don't think they'll do as well. Smaller place and doesn't seem ver busy. Oh well, worth a try.

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:)See the attached graph. This is my product usage report for 2007. Graph is in pounds of product used to date. Note that this is since September when I started. Shold be much higher next year. Note also what sells best. Obviously PMM and RP.

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