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Ready to go and nervous


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Well, I went and bought my first 3 machines Friday afternoon 2 D-Ice and 1 triple head. I got my Triple (used) all cleaned up and ready last night hope to get D-Ice put together tonight. So for some reason I keep having these doubting thoughts of did I screw up?, Where am I putting these?, Do I have what it takes?, What if...........?. So can any body sympathize with me. Or am I the only one to have these thoughts at the beginning or the venture.Any encouraging thoughts of wisdom?

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Dont worry. many of us have doubted ourselves. You will do fine, you are starting small, 3 machines, so you wont be overwellmed.

Locating is a numbers game, if you go to x number of potential locations, you will get x number of placements. It may be 6:1,  10:1 it may be 15:1 Thats ok. The hardest part of locating is walking threw the door. If you need help, go with a telemarketer. When locating, It helps to have a flyer, a locating script you have memorized and a charity affiliation. On the d ice machines, which Ive never run, but if I did, I would look for resturaunts, clubs, that kind of thing, on the triple find retail or service, tire store, lube shop or ?

Take your time and get the locations you want. this is your opportunity.

good luck!


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