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Regular jobs and the projects without proper support


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At my regular (semi boring, and very low paying) job I received a project to do. The instructions were very unclear, and the steps were contradictory. I brought it to my supervisor and pointed out some of the flaws. She changed it and gave it back to me, but did not fix the problems. I gave her a more detailed analysis of why this project was illogical to proceed with and requested an approach that worked with our software. She took the project and designed new steps, adding in caps with several stars, that I was not to ask anyone else for help with the project. The point was clearly not to bring it to her -- however even after doing this, the projects other steps still were not reasonable, and the information I had to use was significantly out of date.

After that day I a Dilbert test. I am seeing how long I can sit on this project without making any meaningful success except to create a list of ways in which the project should be improved before it can be feasibly assigned. This list will be given to the first person to grill me about the project--which if designed correctly (as my steps explain) would take me less than one full day to accomplish without interruption. One week or so with the standard level of idiots expecting priority on my time. So... I've been sitting on this project for about nine months without working on it. It's not that I'm too busy with other things. Just thought I should share that somewhere. It's as likely as not that I will find a new job or quit for full time vending without the project being done.

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I feel your pain!  I used to live the Dilbert comic strip every day!  I worked my entire career in the I.T. (Information Technology) departments.  It was always one cluster f**k project after another.  The requirements were never clear and the "experts" to do the work were always inexperienced (i.e cheap) college kids and of course the delivery dates were always unrealistic.  I have seen literally millions of dollars wasted on these "black hole" projects before the cluster is uncovered - only to start another cluster to try and fix it!  Unfortunately, the people that caused the cluser are not punished, rather the front line worker who simply did not deliver the impossible is usually the scape goat and fired.  I.T. is Corporate America's dirty little secret and I am soooo glad I don't have to deal with it any more.


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Sounds like poor management. You are stuck in the middle with people over your head having

a powertrip of being boss, even though, maybe they should not be. Your boss, if it is

your boss does not sound like a people person, but what do you do?  weather it is

good or bad for business, it is your job to do what management wants...you do what you

can do, you brought it too her attention, in the end, they are going to do what

they want to do, or what they think is right, sometimes its bad decisions after another.

You have to do what you have to do...

at this point, it seems like they are in control of your happiness, when

you are the one that should be in total control...

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