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Hi everybody. I am new to bulk


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Hey everybody,

My buddy and I are ready to take the plunge.  I started reading a couple of blogs which many of you posted comments to and wound up here.  Very nice forums. 

My name is Mike and my company is Parkway Vending.  I am located in Southern California, north of Los Angeles.

My buddy and I are starting with bulk because startup costs are low and our wives are not willing to spend a bunch of money on a full service route (at least not yet).

Thats a brief overview.  Now off to post a few questions.



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Welcome! I used to live in So. Cal myself. It is a good market for pretty much anything out there. If you decide to go with Oak brand machines they are located in Vernon and you can save on shipping if they are a close enough drive.

This is a great place to get some excellent information.


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