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Buying new machines


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    Hey all.  Have a newb question here.  I have bought two lots of 5 (and an 1 odd machine) of Seagas for my last two orders.  I accidentaly got two triple brackets instead of the double brackets on my last order.  I ended up locating a 3-head at a brake shop, and the next day while placing the 3-head, I located a single.  Now I just have a single to locate, and I prefer a dual-head setup.  I hadn't expected locating to be this easy, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.  How many machines do you guys buy at a time when you are expanding? (showmevending, don't answer that question :) ).  I'm thinking about buying 10 A&As PMSUP300s next, so that I don't run into a situation where I am waiting around while a 12-day order-filling proccess occurs.  What do you folks do?

Thanks for any input,


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     Do yourself a favor and stick to the least amount of different machines as possible.I currently have 5or 6 different machines out on location and keeping the gumball and candy adapters separate without mixing parts is crazy.I have a box of adapters that takes me time to find the right pieces for a paticular machine.I always keep extra machines ready just in case I get a location.


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I only have Seaga and A&A parts to keep up with.  I used a permanent marker and marked each piece with an S or an A to help me keep them straight and then put a complete setup (gumball parts or candy parts) in individual ziplock bags.  This makes it easier for me. 

Ginger Vend

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