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ATM Purchase


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To those who would know. I'm looking at a triton9100. Comes with manuals keys and was only used for 6 months before the business it was in closed down. Seller has stated that is has up to date software and it was purchased new in 2008. He wants 500.00 is this a good deal? I have a location I can put it in. Any advice would be appreciated.

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That is a good deal.  The only thing I would drill him on is the "up to date software"  The 9100 (from what I believe) was not TDES compliant.  To make the ATMs VEPP and TDES compliant it is more than software.  The Pin Pad (keypad) needs to be swapped out.  It is roughly $350 upgrade.  Although, if it was in operation in 2008, that indicates it is TDES compliant.

If you need someone to drive the ATM I know someone who has a big presence in WV. He's a great guy and will give you some sound advice if the ATM breaks down or other things happen.

Feel free to PM me and I will give you my phone number if you have any questions.

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