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pulling a machine


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how long before it`s time to pull a machine/change product?I think 3-4 months imo,you guys?i did change 1 product on an 8 select (gumballs)after a month though only because the other vending machines sold wriglys for a dime more and most seem to prefer that.that machine is in a sewing/glove factory with 60 adults.are gumballs a kid product only?mike and ikes do terrible there might bring back gumballs in exchange for depending on what you guys say about gumballs.

I like the profit margin and i figure even if i sell a few every once in a while it may be worth it.BETTER THEN SELLING NO MIKE AND IKES opinions plz?

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Also don't be afraid to small talk. Some people will tell you exactly what they want in the machines if you listen really well.

I've got one stop that I decided to swap product on. While I was changing it, a gal exclames "Oh goody, RUNTS!". I give her a free vends worth any time I see her in the location and the volume has doubled. It's not always that up front but it often is.

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