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1" Round Clear Plastic Capsules


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Brand vending does the circle caps.

I've really enjoyed working with them. I wasn't sure if I would, but at the prodding of some more experienced vendors I gave them a call and tried some of their product. They will be receiving many more orders from me.

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To order Zoo Mania or Sea Mania call Brand Vending Products www.brandvendingproducts.com .  They don't sell anything in acorn style capsules.  Everything you order from them will come in 1" round capsules.  Just ask for Craig or Diane and they'll help you - really nice people as lurtsman says.


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Round caps will always run 2 to 2.5 times the cost of acorn style.  Its been that way since 1995 when i first started.  For empty go to A&A and for filled go to Brand Nam is correct they have the best selection and prices on filled round.  And it helps that they are super nice.  But round are heaver so you may see and increased shipping cost.

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