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Vending War?


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I checked on one of my locations yesterday and someone had jammed something into the coin turn so it wouldn't work. It seems fine, probably just a slug, not glue or cement. I left the machine there as I was unprepared to deal with it at that time. Two other venders are in this location and their machines were fine. When I bought this route and was making a round with the owner, the machine had been tampered with then and she swapped it out. Someone had a key and stole product and money. She said it was a good location, I'm thinking maybe $15 a month.

I don't want to turn and run and set a standard of being bullied out of locations but obviously I don't want to waste time or money. I don't know who is responsible. Unbelievably these machines are outside behind a fence but unsecured. No problems as far as I know except these two incidences within the past month. My current thinking without getting all Rambo is to get my machine moved back inside as the weather is finally cooling down and see what happens. 

FYI This location is only 5 minutes from my house.

Has this happened to you? What did you do?

Happy Thanksgiving, Sweet Gypsy



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I agree with Kyle. I think the kids or someone else are just messing with your machine. There are only a few things you could do.

1. Have someone or you watch it for a few nights

2. Move it inside, right near the door, so you get a lot of action.

3. Take it out. For $15 you don't need all that!

4. Jam up the other 2 machines and if it is them they will get the hint. (Don't break anything. Put whatever you find in yours back in their's) This is not the best idea so think about it first.


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I had the opposite kind of thing happen. I placed a triple in an auto place that has 2 Vendstars in it. The place is a metal working shop, and the first time I went to service my machine I noticed that the chutes had been ripped off the Vendstars and I had a bout $20 in quarters in my machine. I didn't want the other vendor to think it was me so I called the number on the Vendstars and talked to the guy. He appreciated my telling him about the chutes and said he wasn't too surprised that guys who make a living wiorking with steel would be upset about a plastic machine. He pulled out 2 weeks later.



PS- I run Seaga triples, fyi.

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Yeah, but the problem is, I don't know who the heck did it. I swapped out machines and took it apart. Turns out someone hit the handle with a hammer. Anyway, this is my last try with this location. It's outside and currently it's raining here in Las Vegas so who knows what is going on with the candy. It may be swimming by now.

I just signed up with Ethical Locators to get my inactive machines out into the world and then I'm relocating my dead locations and then on to more machines.

Next stop, world domination. Well maybe just Las Vegas vending domination.


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I love Las Vegas myself and I'm sure there is opportunity. There is a lot of competition in vending though. I used to be a blackjack dealer but I've been out of the biz now for 10 years or so (time flies as you get older) I'm hoping vending will be just the ticket!


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