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LYPC Triple Shop Vendor


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LYPC has to be one of the worst vendors on the market. Most vendors would never use one, including myself. There stands have a tendency of falling apart. There welds on there stands are very "china" like, and will come unwelded, and your machine will just fall off. This happened to 5 or 6 guys of BVA. I would be very careful with what you buy from LYPC.


Kyle, this is the kind of misinformation that gets you in trouble.  There was one poster with one LYPC stand that broke.

There was a poster that had 40 go bad from another source.

If you don't know what is what, only share what you know, ok?

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I think if you ordered it with the standard 1" pipe then stability/breakage would occur more often. Right now I am leaning towards splitting my triples fleet between the XYZ (yellow) and Seaga (black/gold). I have one each of those and both seem comparable.
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