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Reese's Pieces


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I'm not going to go into much detail, as I don't know what you consider a couple months.  I thougt my reeses was doing pretty good, and I add about 4-5 lbs per month.  At that rate, it would take 3 1/2- 4 months to empty 34 lbs.  3 1/2-4 months is plenty of time for candy to get that "old taste".

Now, if you do the math, if your still gung ho about buying that much weight at one time, you will be able to recieve the same amount of reeses, buying in individual smaller bags for about $55, from a Wal-mart or Sam's. ( 2 lbs bag= $3.00.  18 bags= 36 lbs.  $3.00 times 18 = $54, plus tax)  That just depends on what you want to do, but as a business owner, you gotta shave costs wherever you can.

Your best bet, is to go whereever to buy candy locally, and do this simple equation that I wrote above.  If it equals a lower price, then why not buy local........Candy costs so much online because of the shipping primarily.  But it is your money, do what you want.

Vendingguy...........the 34 lbs of Reese's in one case will be gone in a couple of months with basically two heads!  One case will not go stale.

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I have to agree on the Sam's price. I wasn't going to carry it because of the large ammount and price until I joined Sam's. Unless my math is off I figured that at about 20 pieces per vend I should get about 192 vends per bag. So you should gross $48 per bag and profit $43.
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I went to Walmart this evening.  They have the same bag for MMP and MMs and Skittles.  Smaller bags for Mike and Ikes. Everything is cheaper there than BJs.  No Reese's Pieces. So it was good that I bought a case I guess. I can not find them anywhere.

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