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Help Me Identify This Machine


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I just bought this machine today at a garage sale for $30.  Can anyone tell me who makes this machine?  It says Astro on the chute cover.  Where can I buy a replacement chute cover because this machine is missing one?

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I found a place that has a spare candy cute cover for my machine.  It cost me $14.95 for the part.  I now have a fully working double head bulking vending machine for $44.95!

My source for spare parts is:

American Gumball Machine Company

4712 Admiralty Way, Ste. 180

Marina del Rey, CA. 90292

(Orders)   800-779-2764  or 323-569-4566

(Int'l)   (310) 823-7818

Fax: (310) 823-6932


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your astro is a fordway program machine; even the blue is specially for fordway distributors;an oak vista door will work fine, which may be ordered form oak mfg. also the slip clutch mechanism handle was mainly used by fordway distributors as well; it is awfully hard to fist slap the sharp point on these versus the typical flats on a oak mech handle. i have bought several old established routes which resulted in me being the owner of 300 +++ oaks of all types........it was a heck of a learning experience as much of it was from the 50&60s era....hope this helps

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