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Five Vendstar 3000 Machines for $200


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I have 4 of them and I would say it depends on your locations. That is a good price, especially if you are just starting out. They are not the best looking machines but they seem to get the job done. I would say they are good for break rooms and places where they might get roughed up. If you plan on vending gumballs you might want to ask if they are including a gumball wheel. None of mine came with one and I need to order one for $20 each. I have tried to use a vend setting similar to the gumball but they are getting jammed under the curtain. So I had to remove my #1 seller from that machine until I can get one shipped to me. Some people stick with just one machine for their whole route while others mix it up. In addition to the Vendstars I have an XYZ and a Seaga triple. I plan on adding some doubles and DI in the near future.
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I put a deposit down on these machines and will be picking them up on Friday.  I plan on vending, Peanut M&M's, Skittles and Chiclets.  I would like to place them in waiting rooms of car repair and car detail shops.

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