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Dentyne Ice Special Buy


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Ah, now your just taunting me,

No if I were taunting you I would have prefaced that smiley with this...

Together with SuperPro Vending Group, VENDiscuss is pleased to announce the following EXCLUSIVE pricing special for members of this forum only.....:cool:


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Exclusive Dentyne Ice offer to members of Vendiscuss!  (Promotion available to the first 250 machines and 400 bags of gum)

Machine/gum packages               (Regular Price - $139 + S&H)

Quantity                                              Cost

1-4                                                        $135

5-19                                        $125

20+                                         $120

Packages includes:

  • Floor stand configuration*
  • 1 3lb. bag of gum per machine ($120-$125 retail value per bag; 480-500 servings)
  • Shipping and handling within the continental US
  • High resolution, low-tac decals, including nutrition label
* Machine head w/mounting plate only - deduct $20 per machine

Gum only            (Regular price - $39 + S&H)

  • 3 lb bags               $ 37   (.075 vend cost; 30% cogs)
  • Case (10 bags)      $ 330 (.067 vend cost; 27% cogs)
  • Cost includes S&H
Quantity Bonus

If the total quantity of machines purchased = at least 50 and/or the total number of 3lb. bags purchased = at least 150, SuperPro Vending will agree to extend this exact promotion for the next purchase of machines, DI gum or Certs to the members that purchased during this promotion. Purchases must be paid for and shipped by 12/31/07 to qualify.

Ordering Procedures: 

Contact SuperPro at (800) 288-0958. Ask for Steve or Maurie. Identify yourself as a member of the Vendiscuss board and provide your member name (this is how we will track those eligible for the quantity bonus).  We accept credit cards, cashiers check, money order and bank wire. Personal checks are accepted but may result in a short shipping delay.  Most orders should be shipped within 24 hours.

Why Dentyne Ice?

  • Sugar free products are the fastest growing segment of the confection industry 
  • Sugar free gum is the fast growing product in the sugar free catagory (13%/yr.)
  • Dentyne Ice is the #1 selling SF, breath freshening gum in the US ($200M/yr. 14+%)
  • More then 50% of adults chew sugar free gum over 100 times per year
  • Sugar free gum has grown to be the #1 dietary aide in the US
  • Chewing sugar free gum has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety, and improve memory and recall (great for corp. breakrooms, colleges, etc...)
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Do you have a machine? Just curious, considering the reviews from other members of the board have been  mostly positive.  Like every machine, there are a few improvement opportunities. But with improvements and additional features, etc, there's additional cost pressures. Our objective is to produce a quality, dependable machine at a competitive price for those that want to buy it. And there's no requirement to buy it; if there was -- THEN you could consider us a biz op (Ref: Altoids at $1,600 per machine and Mentos at $1,200 per machine w/no option to just buy the product).  If you'll notice in the Promo, you can just buy the gum and vend through your other machines or just buy the head and use your stand. I'd like to suggest that you PM some of the other members who have the machines and/or gum and get their feedback on quality, location opportunities and average revenues. Hopefully this will help address some of your concerns.

Also, please keep in mind the following:

  • A bag of gum and shipping are all included in the cost. Each bag of gum will produce about 480-500 vends; $120-$125 in revenue. At 5 machines you've recouped your investment when you vend through the first bag of gum. 
  • Even at the highest price, the vend cost is less then .08. Depending on quantity, this cost can come down to close to .06 and a 25% cogs. This is at or better then M&I's, skittles, etc. Compare this to other "premium branded" products like PM&M's, cashews, etc. and you'll find the vend cost is lower in most cases.
We are simply trying to provide a high quality, premium branded product at a very competitive price that will allow operators the opportunity to capture the incremental "adult buys" at certain current locations, as well as expand to new locations that are difficult to get the traditional gum/candy machines in, such as health and fitness clubs, dentist and medical offices and spa's/salons. We know this is not the answer to every location and is clearly not a replacement for gumballs or chicles for the kids. Hopefully you haven't gotten the impression we've been positioning it as such...

John, if you have concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me directly at (800) 288-0958.

Steve, spvg

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  • 4 weeks later...

We still have a quantity of machines and gum available from the original quantity determined by us and Cadbury Adams.  I've talked with Cadbury and they're willing to extend the promotion until we've depleted the promotional inventory. We will extend the same for machines.  I believe we have about 10-12 cases (100-120 bags) of DI gum left.

Please consider the promotion extended until further notice.

Please remember: All prices include shipping; all machine prices include your first bag of gum (480-500 servings/$120-$125 revenue per bag).  The 5 machine package includes product worth your entire investment...  Additional discounts apply to higher quantities.

Thanks to all the members who have taken advantage of this promotion - we appreciate your business and look forward to a long and mutually prosperous relationship!

 You can reach us directly at (800) 288-0958 to order or get more information.

All the best to everyone in the New Year...

Steve, SPVG

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We included some full-color sales brochures with your order (shipped today), which are intended to help with your locating efforts. Most are finding these machines very easy to locate and are also having success getting locations you wouldn't normally get with the standard candy machine (fitness centers, dentist/medical offices, salons and day spa's, etc). Incidentally, we just added several DI machines to our personal route in restaurant/bar locations that have a policy against candy machines. You'll find that the premium brand and healthy positioning will sell itself. Good luck and let us know how we can be of further help.

Steve, SPVG

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We have a small route (<40) that we use primarily for data gathering and testing, especially with the new DI and Certs products. As we offer our customers coaching and consultation services (no charge), I believe it's important that we expose ourselves to all aspects of the business - same as all operators - so our advice is based on relevant experience and data. Everyone who talks with customers in our company is required to work a certain number of machines so they're experiencing the business, good and bad, on the same level as our customers.  I've found it's pretty tough to offer credible advice and direction on something if you're not also doing it yourself. I don't believe it provides us with all the answers (I've learned much on this board myself) but it certainly  helps.  

Steve,  SPVG

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That is something that I think more companies should do. It is very difficult to provide customer support for something you sell if you have no first hand, practical knowledge of the product your selling.

The last time I called tech support for my computer at home I was put in touch with a kid from some other country who basically tried to diagnose my computer problem from the troubleshooting section of the user manual. The same manual that I already had. I could literally follow along with him word for word as he tried to diagnose my problem. In fact, I even finished some of his sentences for him simply because I could read English! I ended up fixing it myself after a long period of trial and error.

Bottom line, it's great if a company selling you something has substantial knowledge in not only the product itself but also the usage thereof. Providing the customer with real world information as to what works and what does not is paramount.



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  • 4 months later...

Hi Polecat and all,

I was wondering the status of this offer. It is nearly the end of May. Are there units left and will the Dentyn still be fresh? Also, if I ordered one, ho wlong would shipping take to Idaho you think?



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We have a few cases left but this promo wil be over by end of this week without question. If you want to take advantage of this pricing, I suggest calling us asap. (800) 288-0958.   -Steve

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I would be really keen on trying these machines here in NZ. Can the coin mechanism be changed? Would product be a problem if I ordered from the states all the time? What is its shelf life?

This would be great for all the designated smoking areas NZ has. Your not allowed to smoke indoors anymore - in pubs - anywhere!


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I'll check with Cadbury to see if I can ship their product to NZ. Shelf life is 1 year in a sealed bag and 6 months (at least) after opened.  What quantity would you be looking for? Obviously with shipping costs, you would want to get enough to where you're not having to order every few months.

Steve, spvg

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Sweet as. If you could find out whether they ship to NZ that'd be great. If they can, I can send over out coins so that you can change the mechanisms around? Or see if they will work with our coins?



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