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Brand Question?

AmuseStar Vending Co

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Leo7068, nice pic. please add that to the post your pic. section of the breakroom.

 Washers will not work, so don't worry. People have been chunking paper/cardboard into my machines in breakrooms forever, they will continue, however, the plants refund me, and take the .25 out of paychecks.

Never heard of that machine, thanks.

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so busy plant managers reimburse you your quarters when someone rips you off kyle?never heard of that.

Yeah they had security cams installed to watch his machines, so when there is a token or slug in there, they watch the tapes to find the point that it was put in to determine

A.  Which employee (who gets the .25 taken out of their paychecks? This is the only way to know)

B.  Whether they got the candy, or the slug just dropped through.  Obviously if there was no vend, there is no reimbursment, so this needs to be determined.

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I was only kidding about the amount of slugs to PROVE A POINT.

 Like the other day I was at a PD, and the officers had put 3 cardboard slugs in the machine. They saw the YouTube video, and wanted to see if it worked. They paid me back. And today, the same thing with a local oil change shop. I said breakrooms.  These are places that know me, and the bosses don't care because of that reason.

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