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This Is my very first pick up on any and all my machines. The numbers aren't so hot but I guess I'll be alright for now.

Pool Hall - D-Ice - $3.50 28 days - 12 1/2 cent daily avg.

Volunteer Fire station - Triple - $10.25 39 days - 26 cent daily avg

                                         Reeses - $4.00

                                         JB Jelly beans - $1.50

                                         PMM - $4.75

School teachers lounge - D-Ice - $5.25 35 days - 15 cent daily avg.

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;) Hey bud, all I run are Dentyne Ice and SuperPro tri-vends.  Let me help you out a little and get your profits up just a bit.

Tri-vends- because they actually have 3 separate areas to sell to, you gotta make sure the location has high traffic to support them.  A volunteer Fire department just don't cut it.  I have had outstanding success with marketing the Tri-vends to large breakrooms.  As a matter of fact, I only put tri-vends in breakrooms that has over 100-150 employees.  With this, I generally average over $30 per month.  One thing you will find is 2 out of the 3 products sell great, but 1 generally is a slacker.  Gumballs for me only make about $2-$3 per month per location, but this is because there are other machines within the breakrooms that sell gumballs as well.  I'm going to remove the gumballs, and put in Dentyne Ice in the center slot, or possibly peanut M&M's.

Now, as far as the DI machines....They are by far my best machines.  But in order for these machines to work good for you, you gotta be selective on the locations.  DI is not meant to replace the normal bulk candy and gum, but it is meant to market to a different kind of crowd.  In these locations, try to market to the adult, college kids, or teenagers..  Upscale restaurants, pubs and bars are awesome locations.  I have 1 machine in a Pizza and Wings restaurant/bar.  I checked on it yesterday, and I pulled out $48.25 in quarters, in 29 days.....Yea.  I have owned DI machines for almost 2 months, and so far, knock on wood, they have beaten every tri-vend I own, and my tri-vends do great.  That is the primary reason I thought about putting the DI wheel in my tri vend and seeing how well my sales increase in break rooms.

Just a piece of advice.  Don't settle for any location, put the Tri-vends in high traffic areas, and put the DI in high traffic areas that adults go to and you'll see a big jump in sales, and a even bigger jump in motivation.

I am positioning myself to focus more on the DI.  But I am also going to purchase a few certs machine to place primarily in Jr. Highs and High Schools.......I already got approval, and believe, because these areas do not permit gum, certs will be a very profitable location, especially considering the schools each have over 1000 students.  Look, I really a newbie too, and have learned quite a bit from the other guys on the board, if you have questions, I'm sure someone on here will have the answer....Just let us know.


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