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Mega touches


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Megatouches are made by Merit.   www.meritind.com  I have two out on route now.  They are Ion's but I have them free standing with no connections to the MegatouchNation.  Which is their sweepstakes contest that is run by Merit.  When I have a few more out I might try and connect them to the system.  I am putting another out after the holidays.  So far I have the two located in laundry mats.  They average about 100.00 every 2 weeks after paying the locations their 50 % cut.  Bars are the best places for these.  So if you can secure a good bar location they will do well.  Bars are a tough sell, because generally they have had a vendor in place for a while.  I wouldn't buy just to have them.  Make sure you have locations first.!!! 



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I wouldn`t buy five and try to locate them but maybe one or two if the price is right.

they can be placed almost anywhere.car dealer waiting room is another good place.I have one at the bar in a golf course which is pretty good too,except of course in the off season.how much do they want for them?

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