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good deal??


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up to how much would you guys pay for these machines? 3 super80 , 2 model 80, 2 super 60 and 1s-80ST sticker and a j-stand.used all keyed alike and of course all northwestern.

`i`m excited this would be my first rack!!5 of those as you may know are 2 inch capsules,what would you guys sell out of them?what 2 stickers would you sell out of the sticker machine?

this rack would go to a pizzaplace that is kid oriented with magicians and dough throwers etc.

it is my best location or second best at times for candy and surely a rack will do great.

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I would check on ebay and check Northwestern's web site first. Then depending on the condition of each machine, ie. broken parts, damaged, dirty, etc. you will be able to come up with a value for the set. The location sounds great so you will have to try to figure out how long it would take to get a fast return on your investment.

As far as 2" capsule toys, I would always pick toys that are collectable, meaning that there are 8-10 different shapes, colors, designs for the kids to collect. I have had Mom's drop $20 in quarters just trying to get the whole collection for her son.

You can check these forums under capsule toys for suppliers that sell them. A&A Global is just one of them. Their price lists are also on this forum. CandyMachines.com that advertises at the bottom of this page also carries a full line of 2" capsules and stickers and tattoos. Vendmania.com is another that I personally use.


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