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Kellys full line venture

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Yeah man the reason I don't advertise full line on here anymore is I have 6 full time full line vendors in Houston(and about an 80 mile radius of Houston) who buy everything I find and pay 300-500 for a stand alone soda location. blue moose and I  have talked extensively about this and when I was trying to break into the full line  I charged 150 to get it going. It's hard to raise prices on folks...you think you killed their kid or something so I just don't offer on here anymore.

these things are hard to come by even a little mechanic shop with afew employees and some foot traffic that will only do 30 or 40 a week goes for 200 round here...and they're glad to pay it...and they bring the cash to my house.

Here is what I do in Houston Kelly take what helps and leave the rest.

I get at least a 200 deposit to put  a vendor in rotation.

I give no warranties or time frames...we're working everyday and they are in rotation to look at a location when it is their turn.

after they have looked at the location met with the owner and have a feel for if it will stick,be profitable and work for them etc...(here is the justification for the no warranty part. if you met with them you should have just as good a feel...if not better... than I if You'll be kicked out...make money...be safe etc...)then we talk about what the gross  would be for a location of that type. we include the owners input on what he thinks it would do and our combined experience with that type of location and that's the price for a location. one months gross, but I have 200 minimum price.

they place machine and that is the end of the transaction...period...the vendor has made a unforced business decision and now has to live with it good or bad.

It's simple and its fair and the vendors and I have been surprisingly close on the gross with 9 out of 10 sticking.

so... 3-500 cash brought to my door,no warranties or charge backs or advertise on here for 150 and be responsible for the success or failure or their business and ...well you already know what goes with that.

This post will not be popular but neither am I so oh well. LOL

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