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For a USI 3016.  Need the inside door liner Item #1 on page 10 P/N 420150 of this link http://www.vendnetusa.com/wfdata/files/4202209.pdf

also looking for item #9 on page 4 brushed stainless version (P/N 4201589-007)

Yes.....I have already tried Vendnet and they are no longer available....but hoping that someone might have a broken down machine that they are willing to part out and make a little money on.



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As you have found out you have an older machine there. You need to be careful putting money into this as at anytime one part could put it out of business.

Your inner door liner will be tough to find unless you catch someone going to the junkyard with one. Is yours broken, cracked or missing? If it is just cracked you can try spreading some silicone on the crack and the covering it with duct tape. If it is broken you could try to piece it back together with kydex and the silcon/duct tape route. Missing, I haven't a clue unless you are real creative. The inner door liner basically keeps the insulation in place and offers a waterproof surface.

To change out your front panel use some SS vinyl.

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