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V-Line Vending Machines


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Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to see your thoughts on V-Line Vending machines.

There is a ad on craigslist in my area for 20 of them. They are being sold for $50 for a double headed machine.

I was really thinking about getting northwestern but this seems like a good deal to me.

Also if you recommend them, can you put them on a stand with say 6 or so like you can with the northwesterns?

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Long term I would stick with the Northwestern's or Oak or A&A equivalents of those.  You can get replacement parts cheap and they are everywhere.  Short term I would  find some that maybe need refurbished.  There are some who use those machines and have good luck with them though.  I would try to get them cheaper though. You'd have enough to sacrifice 1 or 2 for parts if needed.

Keep in mind you can buy a brand new A&A PO89 for around 50.00. A PN95(just like Northwestern Super 60 is just a couple dollars higher.)

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