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can you get wheels to vend gumballs or 1.1" toys out of a 1800vending machine?


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Yes, you can only do it with the gumball wheel. Take out the riser and the long spring to vend toys; if a round cap open the wheel a bit; if acorn cap open the wheel as much as you can. Obviously, vending a gumball has to be done with the 1800 gumball wheel. This was a big topic a few months back on this forum.

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Works well on round, have to fiddle with them so they don't vend 2 caps. The acorn cap is another challenge; you have to open the wheel as far as you can and then raise up the small spring with a few washers. I have found the lighter acorn cap vends better than heavy one like snack attack. The caps do jam once in awhile and the plastic stir arm will snap off eventually, the spring arm is better as it just bends a little.

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