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I figure now is as good a time as any to run this across the members here about my bulk locations.

Dearest members : )

I kinda have had to streamline this bulk locating thing for the charity deal and all my guys know the script and that one out of 20-30 calls they'll get paid.

I also had to simplify a bit and we just go straight down the business list on sales gennie in your zip and the ones that say yes to your charity(also I only do charity machines) for a machine to be placed we send to you.

everylocation gets a shot unless they say no to you at the door and you have 1 free refusal. Once its placed its a done deal no warranties..PERIOD.

Man I don't mean to sound so rigid but I had too many side deals about employee counts and foot traffic stuff,types of business to call and diff warranties with different clients and I'd forget what agreement with what guy etc...etc,..trying to please everybody.

Now I will always know what's expected of me and you will always know what to expect

I have also been entertaining that in addition to the 1 free turndown location you can get two replacements at half price($15)...one time. so basically you buy the warranty only if you need it and it still only cost you $45 total for the location. I am actually doing my first two that way with G-man and Bigtay

We'll do $5 for $150 one free replacement and no warranties. Steve is working on changing my ad to this. I think 5 is a good number and we can knock it out in a week and see if we like each other and want to do more business together. After my ad has changed I will not offer 10 at a time anymore

I am only taking on 10 orders a week because with the man power I have I can  knock out 60-80 locations a week. So 50 puts me safely in my limit. Hell I could do 50 solo if I had too.. And also I can return emails and phone calls in a timely manner and still raise kids,ride motocross,volunteer and the other things Like to do in my life. And If I need to "disappear" for a week or two all the orders are completed and I can plan around it.

I don't care if it's a singe, double or triple it all pays and costs the same.

I am not concerned about your products...you can put condoms in your vendstar at a day care if you want...Hell that may be the best idea ever LOL...Sorry that just sounded funny in my head so i had to share it.

In the past i tried commission locating and the prob I kept running into was there just wasn't enough money in it for the owner(in their opinion) to mess with.

I have had to refund money too times in the past on those...which i hate to do LOL...because we just couldn't pull it off.

Same thing with those racks.

so I'm trying to just stick with what works for me and I seem to make more money in less time and headache and have happier customers when I do because they know what to expect from me and I know whats expected.

I did try racks and commission locating and did give it a valiant effort...just not my schtick. Actually I don't know anybody who's schtick it is LOL

I obviously do not use paypal any more and Steve here is working on a pay here button for my web site but in the mean time I will need

to use my merchant account.

And yes that will require you card number being punched in by me on my system to do.

Other option is my alert pay account (www.alertpay.com)its free to you but kinda pricey for me but at least as a seller I have some protection against willy nilly reversals.

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    This policy is straight forward and eliminates the hassles of warranties for you, while keeping the price low for us, I like that.  I am looking forward to getting some more machines out and doing business with you.

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thanks man

hey Sherlock had a suggestion on my wording as far as the one turn down and 2 replacements for half price policy goes. I See what he means I guess it can be confusing a bit. and also I put a dollar sign in front of the 5..It should be 5 locations for $150 not $5 for $150 sorry.

Here is Sherlock's suggestion cut and pasted from the PM

I also prefer the nccs charity as we seem to get the best response out of the 8 or 9 different charities we have worked with

""I'm glad to hear you will still use any charity -- once I get my next charity going I should be sending  a lot of work your way.

As far as the 1/2 price replacements -- Maybe the re-wording could be:

If you order 5 locations for $150, you get one free refusal, refusals by the business before you install the machine does not count against you.

And as a bonus - you can order up to TWO $15 replacements for every order of 5 locations.

So, if 2 of the 5 locations do not work out, you can get them replaced for $15. One time

Or something along those lines.

thanks Sherlock

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