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Machine warming up, Fluke? or serious problem?

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Last 4 days straight it has been  upper 90's lows in the low to mid 80's.  From sun rise to about noon, (5-6hrs) the machine is in full sun.  (lately, a very hot sun)

I didn't check the machine yesterday, but just checked it about 9:30 this morning and noticed the concrete was wet about 4in around the entire machine.  The top half of the drinks are slightly cool, the bottom half are still cold, but the cans are condensation like crazy!  The cooling deck is frosty, (can wipe it off with bare hand) its still blowing cold around the deck area but the top area, is definitely not as cool. there is a tray at the bottom of the machine, and it is overflowing with water.

When it has been hot like this, I have been checking the machine in the evening, And all has been nice and cold.

Would this be due to the extreme heat we have had for the last 4 days? or am I looking at a very costly bill?

How do I check to see what kind of cooling system I have in my machine? And how to check what coolant it has? if it is 134, would I be able to check it and if low, fill it myself like I do with my car's AC?

Would the local heating and cooling company know what to do?  or do I need to call a vending company?  

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For anyone that is interested,  Thanks to Technivend,  it is looking as if my problem is an operator error.  :'(  Guess you learn something new everyday.

And for you Full line newbs,  Don't finger flip tight your handle.  Crank that T-handle down! and make sure your fins are clean!

I cleaned the fins, and cranked the t-handle down yesterday evening,  this morning I opened it up to find icicles!!  ;D:D;)B):P

So the thermostat has went from 7 to 6. and we shall see how it does today, Supposed to me another Hot, humid day.

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