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Locations Available Blue Moose

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We went a little over board over the past couple of weeks and have some extra spots if anyone is interested.

Loc. 1

40 employee mfg

East Compton CA

    drink and snack

    fee $500 flat

Loc. 2

Parks and Recreaton Center

    and several administrative bldgs

    18 machines needed

    bottles/cans with some health beverages

    20% commission back to the city

    Fee will be based on number of machines


    3rd party drinks OK for 6 drinks

    San Fernardo CA

Loc. 3

    Medical Center

    75 employees plus public

    drinks, snacks, coffee and ice cream

    $3200 fee

    Fullerton CA


Blue Moose

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They are all assigned.  Thanks for looking and just a note we closd the parks and recreation deal, things are looking good for the Medical Center too.

Blue Moose

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Southwest of Indy?  I have some property in Cincinnati and a horse farm in Paris Ky and CA.  I find myself at the KY farm a lot these days even though the temp has been averaging 90.  What city Southwest of Indy.

I just set up a nice size mfg in Springdale Ohio near Cincinnati.


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