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Got A Chance To Buy A Nw Triple And Single On Location, Good Deal?


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So I was getting my haircut and noticed the shop had a NW triple play and Eagle single head. The barber doesnt care to have them anymore because of time and/or interest. She offered them to me both for $100 total AND I can keep them there if I want, just show up to service. Or she said I could move it next door to a computer shop. The location its at now is a very heavily foot trafficked drag on a university campus. The triple is in excellent condition, no paint fade or scratches at all, the single is pretty good also. She said they were filled up 2.5 months ago (early Dec.) with chicle gum, two heads on the triple are empty and one is almost empty.

So what I need to know is how much money will that machine yield total when 3 heads are filled with chicle gum then all of it is bought?

I already have 15 NW 60s laying around in my apartment that I am going to get located but I think this triple would be a good opportunity to have a machine already placed and ready to go at a location that I frequent anyhow from getting my hair cut.

Thanks for input

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