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2011 NBVA Conference


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Hey Guys!

I want all of you to know that our All American Chicken Vending Machine will be on display at this year's NBVA conference in Las Vegas.

Be sure to see our machine in the Oak Manufacturing Company booth. Jim Hinton is a wonderful guy and great friend to my friend Frank. Oak Manufacturing has been in business since 1948 and was the World's Largest Bulk Vending Machine Manufacturer at one time. Their line of Vista machines are used by basically every operator in the world. The Oak Acorn is the original machine what Beaver now calls the Beaver RB.

Oak is a quality manufacturer. Please be sure to be extremely friendly to Jimmy and look at his line of bulk vending machines.

Any questions on the All American Chicken machine can be answered by Jimmy and he is taking orders for us.

I know this year the Oak booth will be packed with operators.

I hope everyone enjoys the show and learns something.


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T Bird are you guys not going to be there to pitch the machine?

I wont be there. Jim Hinton of Oak Manufacturing will be displaying and pitching the chicken machine for us.

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