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Vendstars for sale; North Houston


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I'm posting this here because it's not really a classified ad thing.

I have a woman in my area who is trying to sell me her vendstar route. She has a total of 54 with 38 of them on location. We've been doing this dance for close to two years now. She wanted WAY too much for them, and I made an offer of $50 per machine plus $25 per location. So the ones on location are offered for $75. She turned me down back in 2008. She keeps calling me from time to time saying she's dropped them to the rock bottom prices, and was I still interested? Her rock bottom prices were still about $125 each plus location.

Yesterday, she called me and said she's ready to sell them at $50 each plus $25 for the location.

I have no interest in them, but I told her I'd have to look at my finances.

If somebody else would be interested, I'm hoping I can give her that info, and she can be happy.

Please let me know if you would be interested in this deal.

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