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Cleaning Globes


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I've been doing some reading on what to clean globes and sheets of Lexan sheets with. Specifically, trying to find what makes the globes turn yellow an how to get rid of scratches.

2 common cleaners can react with the chemical compounds that make up the globes. Isopropyl alcohol and common dishwashing liquid should not be used. Windex has alcohol in it. Both contain ingredients that will change the compound of the Lexan, hence turning it yellowish. Ever see an automobile with yellowish headlights? They have used dishwashing liquid to wash their car. Also don't clean in very high temperatures or direct sunlight.

Use mild hand soap or a good quality plastic polish to do your cleaning. Be sure to rinse with plenty of water.

Scratches are another problem with Lexan globes. While stronger than glass, it does tend to scratch easier. Use a mild abrasive toothpaste or plastic scratch remover to take care of your scratches. There is a compound called white rouge that works good if you can find it. Use good quality cotton rags. Paper towels can scratch the Lexan. Remember to clean afterwards and rinse well. Always rub the scratches in a straight motion and not circles.

Proper care of your globes will keep your machines looking good for years.

Steve, Can you move this to the refurbishing section?

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