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A&A and Allstar in bed together?


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I ordered the Disney tats and they came today. Ordered from A&A. Guess what there are Allstar products. Makes you wonder.

Alot of companies do business with competitors. I work in the wholesale industry, and we buy from companies that also sell direct. We just buy at much better pricing than the dealer or consumer. It has a lot to do with licensing and territory rights. We may have a mfg, that exclusively sells a particular product or line to one specific company in FL, that company needs to keep their volume up in order to maintain that exclusivity, so they sell to us at a 1 or 2% markup and then we distribute it to our customers who don't shop with them. Strange, but that's how it works in my main line of work. Something similar may be going on with them. They have a product that A&A wants, but can't get licensing, so A&A pays a small premium and buys through Allstar.

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