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Shim kit

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Hello everybody!!

Well in light of the issue I dealt with the other day with the guy who reneged on the 276, I am thinking it a wise thought to get the shim kit for my 276 E possibly. So a couple questions,

#1 I know it is capable of 12 oz cans, does it make sense to do this?

#2 Can someone point me in the right direction to get the shims. Any changes I need to make to the "cups" (I think that is what they would be called - part that rotates to vend the product). I know I will probably have to change the cam setting - easy enough.

I have this machine just sitting in my shop, making no money. SO I figure get it out and going, something is better than nothing. When I told the client, she didn't want to have abottle machine due to the additional cost of product. Go figure, 12 oz, $1.00, 20 ox $1.50. simple math works for me, but what do I know. I must add, though she was more than understanding of the situation, told me no hurry. As I see it though, sooner is better than later. I need to recoup that money and use it going forward.

Thanks all.

Also, moved the 501E and 145 into the location today. Naturally, I grabbed the flavor strip envelope from Pepsi, missing the G2 and Brisk strips. Oh well, will have to request more when I order this week. Just got back from Sam's and picking up the remaining product for the 145, $200.00 to set it up. OH boy said I. Glad I held off on buying what I needed for the other machines. Also found out today, another ship slated to dock next Friday. Gonna give the manager I was dealing with a little time to cool down, he was plenty pissed when I got there. Apparently, he found out this am, and sounds like the secretary never spoke to the big boss in total truth and told him I had been in contact with this guy routinely.

He was pretty calmed down by the time I left though. If he stays pissed off, will be a long week - ship docking tomorrow so I will be there all week. I tossed him a ice tea, and I figure I will slip him something on the side when I fill them. I found out he generally gets his lunch for free from the roach coach. I think it safe to assume, roach coach guy gonna be pissed about the machines.

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