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Vend3 is the same as Multivend?


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It kind of looks that way to me. It looks like Vend3 and Multivend are just rebranded Vendstar machines. Does anybody know for sure?

It's still Doug Cooper that is the president of the company. He created the Vendstar, and sold Vendstar to the investment firm that owned Multivend (Ned Weaver, etc). Then he resigned from Multivend. When they went belly up, I guess he saw an opportunity. The Vendstar company had sales of around 1M per year when he sold, and Multivend was at over 10M at their peak annually. That's around 35,000 machines a year!

The Vend3 machine is exactly the same as the vendstar 3000. The 6000 had a couple of minor changes, but is not offered by Vend3, likely due to a patent issue with Multivend (my best guess anyway). The main difference was those plastic chute doors, the 6000 had a rubber type material instead of hard plastic. The other difference I believe had to do with the coin mechs, but every part is interchangable.

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